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Sugar Pumice Stone Foot Scrub Swag Bag-$35


NEW! Sugar Pumice Stone! Look for it in the accessories category 

Our NEW! Travel Mini Pellets come in a new tube!

The Natural Alternative to Bottled Lotion

JourneysMother Lotion Bars and Pellets™is ideal for you if you are looking for effective natural skin care products that are uniquely innovative! We've created the ultimate perfectly blended body and hair butter lotion bar and we are the first to create the mini lotion pellet form. Our products are made of natural, organic, raw, unrefined food grade ingredients and absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, alcohol or artificials, parabens or glutens.  You will love its long-lasting, deep penetrating moisturizing solid form! Our lotion bars provide relief for your chapped, dry, itchy skin for face, body, hands, rough elbows, dry hairlines, split ends, cracked heels and crusty feet. It can aid in providing you with relief if you're suffering from eczema, post psoriasis and dermatitis condition and problematic dry patches. You can use it as your daily moisturizer for healthy glowing skin. It’s fresh and beautiful—it’s the natural alternative to bottled lotion that melts with your body heat and moisturizes your skin! You can also use it with hot water as a shower melt or bath oil pellet! Check out our other raw natural skin care concepts or create your own lotion bar or whipped butter on our Butter Bar page!

Lotion Scrub Bars Moisturizers and Exfoliants all in one!

Coffee Grounds, Dark Cocoa Sugar, Oatmeal Honey Almond 


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